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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I don't run a private dream consultation business but if I did this is what I would do and wouldn't do...

Presently my only credential is that I was given the spiritual gift of intuition and through this gift I have the uncanny ability to read between the lines. This has helped me gain important insights about the nature of personal reality that could benefit others besides myself.

As a consultant on your dreams I would...

  • Listen to you recount your dreams and give you a little insight on what it may personally signify.

  • Offer lucid dream coaching and help you develop personalized methods to help you become more lucid and bring forth desired experiences into your dreams.

  • Help you develop methods for making whatever it is you dream of having a reality.

  • Offer lucid daydream coaching and help you develop personalized methods to focus your imagination and hone in your desires.

  • Recommend resources that may help you on your personal journey.

What I won't do is...

  • Guarantee any results.

  • Sell you a lot of hype or use it as a opportunity to upsell you on other programs or products.

  • Solve your psychological or medical issues for you. I am not a certified medical or mental health professional and my services would in no way take the place of these.

  • Listen to you tell me how you fantasize about hurting yourself, killing another person or harming a child, disabled person or animal without reporting you to the appropriate authorities and immediately referring you to the service of a professional mental health provider.

  • Give you any holistic advice on herbs, supplements, divination or astrology.

  • Advise you on what choices you should make in regards to any life decisions.

So for instance I won't tell you if you should date that guy, or buy that house or start that business rather what I would do is tell you something along the lines of this...

You tell me you want to start a new business venture but you're afraid you'll lose your shirt.

I'm not going to give you a pep-talk and tell you to just go for it with the whole “Nothing ventured nothing gained” nonsense.

First question I'm going to ask you is why do you want to start this business? What is the end goal? What is it you are looking to achieve?

Is it to make a lot of money? How much do you want it to make? Come up with a figure of how much you want it net you per month. Then take some time to figure out what you would need to gross to make that net. Think about, without too fine of details, on how much work would have to go into grossing that amount of money and what kind of staffing would be required to handle a large bulk of business every month. How much would you like to be paying them? What size customer base you would need to make the money you want. What would your customer base look like? Who is your customer? What's your niche? What would attract them to your business? Do a little research. Begin to write these down in a notebook or type them up in a file and you have the rudimentary beginnings of your business plan.

Also take quiet time to sit back and really imagine what your business would look like at the height of it's success and where you would be positioned in all of it and what your life would look like being the head of your very successful organization. Visualize it as vividly as you can.

And once you've done this exercise over the course of a few days find a quiet space, breathe deep, relax and ask yourself ”Is this really what I want. Is this really what I want to be doing? Is there something else I am meant to do?” and then clear your mind and meditate on your vibration. Feel the energy flowing within you and then let your dream go.

Let go of your thoughts about your dream business and just enjoy the day. Spend some quality time with friends and loved ones. Focus your conscious mind on just experiencing your day moment by moment in a pleasing and joyful manner then go get a good nights sleep and dream.

When you wake up take some time before you start this new day to once again take a few deep breaths, focus on them and relax. Ask yourself again, “Is this what I want?”

If you intensely feel it in your heart/soul/bones that this is what you want and should be doing then you will simply decide for yourself to do it. If all of a sudden you are inspired to do something else then do the exercise over with this new idea. And you can do this exercise over and over until you decide what it is you really want to do. And you can also do this exercise with whatever it is you desire to experience.

You'll find often times that imagining having what you desire and playing with it in your mind is all you need to tire of it and get bored and not really care to pursue it anymore; or you may realize the thing you're desiring most likely won't have the desired effect. In essence it may bare fruit that is displeasing to your sense of taste. Taking the time to really contemplate your desires can help you nuance your desires and overall help you make better decisions for you life.

Once you make the decision to do something you're dreaming of you've set your intention. You've planted your seed. The next step is to nurture and protect that dream in order for it to grow to fruition. And as long as you continue to nurture and protect your dream by acting as if its existence is just a matter of course and not allow outside influences to discourage your pursuit of it, or in essence kill your dream, then your body/nature/spirit will take over and make it a reality. If you do these mental exercises then whatever dream you decide you want to make a part of your personal experience can be called forth.

So I've pretty much told you how to make your dreams a reality. Really no need for the private consultation now. Right?

Let me put it to you this way if you were to throw a dart at a dartboard with a blindfold on what chance do you think you'd have hitting the bullseye? You may by literal blind luck hit it. Not likely but it could happen. You may be a skilled enough dart player to focus on the location of the bullseye before the blindfold goes on and hit it, but that would take skill and practice to develop. And the expert dart player would have to fail hundreds of times before she could become successful at performing that trick.

If you practice a few times throwing the dart and feel its weight and work on how hard you have to throw you can get accustomed to throwing it straight. Then you focus you mind's eye on bullseye and you trust your body to do the rest.

The dream you want to achieve is the bullseye. If you want to hit that mark first you have to envision it and then you have to focus your mind on landing there. Then your body begins to move forward towards it

This is how life works for everything. Growth and expansion occurs naturally or rather spontaneously. Conscious will directs it's course.

The only constant in the universe is change. The universe is always in a state of perpetual motion. No form is permanent. It's also infinite and therefore contains an infinite number of possible formations. What do you think gives reality it's form out of an infinite number of possibilities? The answer is creative will, therefore your conscious thoughts create and form your personal reality.

Still need help? Send me an email letting me know if a private consultation with me is something you would like and what you would be willing to pay me for my time discussing your dreams. I'll think about it and with enough interest I'll make it a business.

If you're expecting me to have a whole bunch of degrees and certificates with years of tutelage under some prestigious school of dream/sleep science in order to talk to you about enriching your dreams and imagination then I'm afraid you will be sadly disappointed. I claim no such accomplishments.

I am an artist philosopher and my personal reality is my art and I'm happy to share it with you in videos, in blogs, on the Dream Lab Community Forum. And if you like me to continue presenting you with this material and my insight please consider supporting me on my Patreon page.

Patrons that donate $10 per month ($15 for International) will receive a free surprise gift from my home products laboratory for each month your subscription renews. It could be a handmade soap, a crystal stone, a cream/body butter, an eye pillow; basically something small, pleasant smelling and useful. I design my fragrance, home and body products to be unisex with all gender-identities in mind.

If you find The Dream Lab's resources valuable please support it. Even giving as little as $1 a month would make a big difference.

Yours Truly,

Lady Victoria =^-^=~

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