Who is Lady Victoria?

Updated: May 18, 2020

Great question! I'd be delighted to answer it for you.

The great thinker Thomas Szasz (psychiatrist and professor) wrote:

"People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates."

Lady Victoria Frankandsense Mad Chemist Extraordinaire is the self I created. She is a steampunk mad scientist. She is a soap maker, perfumer, and home chemist. She is a poet philosopher. A fellow dreamer like yourself. She is a performance artist, a public speaker, a dream interpreter, a spiritual alchemist, a cat whisperer, a soap nerd, a kinky pussycat and an all around wonderful beautiful person who will amaze and delight you on this blog with her charming wisdom.

Why Lady?

Mae West, a powerhouse of a woman that I deeply admire, once quipped "I'm no model lady. A model is only an imitation of the real thing" - I think that quote pretty much sums why "Lady". It's because I got complete genuine class and I am the real thing.

Why Victoria?

Victoria is not the name my mother gave me. It's the name I gave to myself because to be victorious means to triumph over adversity and to win even when the odds are stacked against you. And I have an important personal saying that goes with my name..."I may not be victorious in everything I set out to accomplish but I will always be Victoria."

Frankandsense? What the...?

Well obviously my alter ego is a play on Victor Frankenstein, the fictional mad scientist who reanimates the dead, created in the mind of another great thinker and woman I admire for defying the limitations of her time in history, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly. And because I'm a perfumer I thought the word frankincense would be a playful feminine alternate to Shelly's character. I also love the mad scientist character from The Rocky Horror Picture Show Frank-n-furter played by Tim Curry, so why not Frank-n-sense, (after all I'm frank and I try my best to make sense) but FB wouldn't let me use that name because it wasn't "real". So I changed the "-n-" to "and" and the social media site accepted my new found stage persona and voila! I was born.

To know me is to love me. I am smart. I am intuitive and I am talented and frankly speaking so are you.

I am also a deeply dedicated practitioner of the metaphysical arts and if you want to be one too I would be more than happy to show you how.

What is Metaphysics pray tell?

Firstly there is no short answer to this question and for most part describing the mechanism that makes up the nature of our personal reality transcends language. Many great thinkers and theologists have attempted to put metaphysical concepts into religions, books, lectures and schools of thought and yet their words and wisdom often fall onto the deaf ears of people who are incapable of fully grasping their ideas. Part of the reason for this is that whenever you try to describe the indescribable things will inevitably get lost in translation. Secondly we all inherently have this knowledge stored inside us and it has been purposely hidden from us. With good reason I might add, but I am not going to explain why that is in this post. I will at some point eventually.

This knowledge that dwells within can be discovered through the everyday practice of metaphysics. You see, metaphysics isn't just a bunch of philosophical concepts that you can read about in books or hear about in a good Alan Watts or Bob Proctor video. The practice of metaphysics at its most fundamental deals with moving energies intentionally with our conscious thoughts and we do this by guess what? Actually doing it. It's that amazingly simple which is why I decided to teach people the art of lucid dreaming.

What does lucid dreaming have to do with metaphysics?

The concept that our thoughts create our reality is hard one to swallow in our waking life but when we become lucid in a dream, and that is when we come to the realization that we are actually dreaming within the dream itself, your dreamworld becomes very malleable to your thoughts and emotions. Basically you can call forth experiences into your dream with conscious intention. You can intentionally defy gravity, fly and get a birds eye view of your dreamworld. You can sail on a yacht, make love to your favorite movie star, perform a rock concert, or ride a rocket ship to the moon; the possibilities in a lucid dream are only limited by your imagination and that is your conscious thoughts.

Learning techniques to increase the frequency of your lucid dreaming experiences and also to help maintain that state while you're dreaming are many of the same techniques used to awaken and expand ones consciousness. If you get good at turning your dreamworld into whatever you want to make of it you will also have begun to adapt the skills necessary to turn yourself and your life into whatever you want to make of it as well.

Believe me it's true! I'm a shining example. One of many many many shining examples in this wonderful world of ours and this particular shiner has put together a wonderfully informative website and dream forum to help you live a rich and fuller life in your dreams. It will cost you not a single penny. Just a good night of sleep.

Once this global pandemic has subsided and we can once again gather socially I will be teaching lucid dreaming workshops through The Lightclub Curiosity Society in Sugar Loaf NY where we can work on tailoring lucid dreaming techniques to meet the individual needs of each dreamer.

In the meantime I will be answering dreamers' questions right here on my blog and in the forum. Please feel free to post a question in the comments or email it to me. I most likely won't be able to answer every question but I will answer the ones that I feel are the most pertinent to the Dream Lab community at large.

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So before I leave you today I want to give you something to ponder. It's a quote from Abraham-Ester Hicks' book The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent and focusing on this quote really helped get me to where I am today.

"You are not afraid of dying; you are in love with living. You are not worried about people doing things that displease you. You are in creative control of your vibration, and therefore, you are in creative control of everything that happens to you."

Yours Truly,

Lady Victoria =^-^=~

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