The Ostentatious Oatmeal Bar!

The Ostentatious Oatmeal Bar!

This bar of soap defies luxury. Made from olive oil and responsibly sourced palm oils. It leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed. The subtle fragrance of milk honey and almonds is heaven scent!  Soap also contained ground oats,coconut milk, honey, ground almonds and natural fragrance. 


However this bar is so ostentatious that it refuses to let you purchase it. In fact the only way you can get a hold of this suberb bar of soap is by becoming a patron supporter of The Dream Lab for $10 or more. 


Check out my Patreon page for more information on how you can receive this soap and other wonderful gifts and surprises every month from yours truly, Lady Victoria. 


    Approx 4oz. - because of handmade nature size and weight may vary.

    Ingredients: saponified olive oil, palm oil, palm kernal oil. Coconut milk, oats, almonds, honey and natural fragrance. 


    Bath and body products are not eligible for returns however if you are completely unsatified or you receive a damage product we will happily issue a refund or send a replacement. 


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    $5 FLAT RATE for International orders. 


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